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College Tips

College should be approached as a business discession. 


Schools have several funding sources available and you should make sure the schools are offering all available sources.


Some parents just fill out FAFSA forms and apply to colleges for the children then which ever school responds with the best offer is taken.


What should happen is parents should put their business manager/agents hats on. The parents or their children should research what schools they are interested in and find what other schools compete with their target school. There should be a fare amount of research put into this because this is your agent startegy. This should take place in their child's freshman or junor year. Following is a to do list:


  • Research which schools.
  • Vist the school.
  • Let them know you are coming.
  • Let them know what goods you are selling. GPA, resume, batting average
  • Let them know which schools you are looking at.
  • Ask them why your all star should go there.
  • Ask them what financial strategy they can recomend outside of FAFSA.
  • You need to go all in. Nothing is off of the table.


All forms that can be listed with the schools competetion should include them as soon as possible.


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