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Business/corporate setup and dissolution


Federal Setup



PA Setup 


You can use and attorney (I can refer you to one) which costs from around $1,000 to $1,500 or you can use a site like legalzoom.


Or you do it yourself - This is information from a non-attorney which are just helpful items, please use under own direction, consult an attorney if you need any direction.

  1. Search for a name (to make sure you can use it in PA) PA Search availability of a business name
  2. Fill out two forms with the DOS, instructions form the PA DOS - Link
    • If they accept the forms you will receive the stamped organizational papers that you filed with the DOS then you are official
  3. Operating agreement and overall instructions for LLC's - Link
  4. Get a Federal ID # - Apply for an EIN online
  5. If you are going to have employees or other PA tax issues you will need to file the PA-100 - PA - 100 form to register to file and submit PA taxes
  6. Open a bank account and start business
  7. Account for the business
  8. Keep all bank accounts and transactions at arms length.


PA Good Standing

  1. PA DOS information - Link
  2. Business Lookup - Link
  3. Request Goodstanding Doc



Federal and state of PA Dissolution

  1. IRS
    1. File Final Tax Return
    2. File Form 966 with final tax return
    3. Closing a business checklist - Link
  2. PA – Department of Revenue
    1. File Tax Clearances
      1. Procedures for PA Tax Clearances - Link
      2. PA form Rev-181
      3. Instructions for form Rev-181
  3. PA – Department of State - Dissolve Corporation
    1. Publish in two newspapers in the county in which the corporation’s registered office is located.
      1. List of Legal newspapers in PA
      2. One newspaper in general circulation and the in a legal newspaper.
        1. Tribune Review p.724.838.5132 f. 724.838.5102
        2. Legal Journal p.412.261.6255
    2. File Affidavit evidencing mailing and publication in corporate minute book.
      1. Adopt resolution to winding up business - approval of Board of Directors
      2. Distribute all assets and account for all liabilities
      3. Prepare and file articles of dissolution.
    3. Deliver the following to the PA Department of State
      1. PA Department of State
        Corporation Bureau
        Room 308 North Office Building
        P.O. Box 8722
        Harrisburg, PA 17105-872
      2. Articles of Dissolution - PA Department of State forms
      3. Filing Fee $70
      4. Tax Clearances