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Tax Time Frame


Happy New Year!



There have been some tax law changes that have come down the pike. The ones that affect individuals are small increases due to inflation. On the other hand, businesses became more predictable because some laws became permanent. 

Congress has a group of laws that were passed for only one year. Someone dubbed these extenders because congress couldn't agree on them and passed them the last day of the year, retro to the first day of the year.

The good news is, it is easier to plan because these laws are now permanent. However, change is coming!


I added Tax Reference Sheets to my website recently and wanted to share them with you. They outline some tax highlights in three sections, which are seperated into individuals, seniors and business. Below is a small section from them for the filing time frames:


Tax Time Frames

  • Tax season started with the IRS accepting E-file returns on Monday the 23rd.
  • Filing due dates are about the same except for:
    • Individuals have not changed, they are due April 18, 2017;
    • C-corporations were moved back to April 18, 2017 and;
    • Partnerships are now pushed up to March 15, 2018.
    • For all others you can go to my website


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