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COVID-19 Relief Reference Sheet

As Governor Wolf continues to make decisions regarding COVID-19, spFinancial Services will abide by any orders and laws that are made. As of March 20, 2020, our business was considered a non life-sustaining business, which prevented us from being present in the office, but work was able to be brought home to be continued. However, a more detailed list of life-sustaining businesses was updated since then, and we are now allowed to continue to be present in the office. With this said, tax documents are able to be dropped off or mailed to the office. Anyone with questions or concerns about this information can call 412.245.1510.


With the Coronavirus pandemic making its way through the United States, the economy has taken a large hit as well as every individual and business nationwide. The government and other administrations have started to take action to provide relief for individuals and businesses. We have compiled a reference sheet including detailed information about the following to aid in receiving help during these times of financial crisis: SBA Economic Injury Disaster LoansTax Day ExtensionLegislative Economic Relief Package, and Filing PA Unemployment. The SBA Economic Injury Disaster Loan provides small businesses low-interest, long-term loans for physical and economic damage caused by a declared disaster, such as COVID-19. A tax day extension has officially been declared as of March 20, 2020. The governmental Economic Relief Package is split into three phases, and each phase provides the nation with a variety of benefits. Many have filed or want to file PA UC, and important information and steps on how to file are listed in this reference sheet. Anyone can click the links to read the details about each of these important topics that are listed.


More information is to come in the future as we advance deeper into the effects of this pandemic. All information was gathered from basic research from reliable websites that are all sourced within each document. As each day goes by and decisions are made, any information is subject to change.


Questions, comments, and concerns can be emailed to


Any and all other information found can be emailed as well, we greatly appreciate any help offered. This is not meant to be spam and political content; we simply just want to use our knowledge to help others in these times of crisis.


Thank you all!